We work according to the intention of the law

We pay pensions and benefits to millions of people every month. We can only do this by using standardised processes and protocols. We need to be able to rely on these and, in most cases, people get what they are entitled to. But there are always one or two cases where our standard procedures are not sufficient. For example, if it appears that certain rules or regulations could have unintended negative consequences for an individual or society in general. This can lead to unhappy situations where we think, ‘This can’t be what the law intended!’ We feel strongly that it is our job as a public service provider to make sure that the rules and regulations actually work for people.

Our services are designed with people in mind

Our services must be in line with people’s needs and what they are entitled to receive. We have to consider personal situations as well as what the law intends. This means that if our standard procedures cannot deal adequately with a specific situation, we will look at a case individually. The Dutch government has made it its task to improve its service for all its citizens. We work to form partnerships with other governmental organisations to meet the needs of people in a changing society.

The Intention Workshop

The intention Workshop is now a recognised concept, both within and outside the SVB. In September 2016, we started The Intention Workshop to give our employees the opportunity to discuss dilemmas they are confronted with in their daily work. In a workshop setting, colleagues from different departments come together to discuss issues which are found to cause unintended effects for citizens or society as a whole.