Our strategy

People in general expect us to provide an impeccable service. And rightly so, because we are a public service organisation. Our aim is to be a reliable, service-oriented and socially aware implementer of government schemes. Our ambition is to be:

A reliable service provider

We make sure that our clients receive what they are entitled to, correctly and on time. We also try to make it as easy as possible for people to arrange their affairs with the SVB online, without the intervention of an SVB officer. Clients who are less self-reliant, however, can still contact our service teams directly.

A stable, flexible organisation

The world around us is changing rapidly. Our clients and commissioning authorities expect us to change and adapt our working methods accordingly. We do this by ensuring that our processes and systems are future-proof.

A reliable partner for other organisations

We work closely with other government organisations to make our processes more efficient and serve our clients better.

We will only ask clients to provide information if it cannot be obtained from other government agencies. We place strict conditions on data quality and information security for the exchange of data.

You can read more about our ambitions and how we aim to achieve them in our long-term plan.