Doing business with the SVB

We are obliged to observe the Dutch Public Procurement Act 2012 as well as European rules and guidelines. If you want to supply services or products to us, please read the following.

We are obliged to observe Dutch and European rules. We also have a purchasing policy. All deliveries, works and services are subject to the general purchasing conditions, unless otherwise stipulated. Special ICT purchasing conditions apply for ICT products.

We work together with the Dutch government and other government organisations. Where possible, we join the government in procurements via the Implementing Organisations’ Purchasing Combination (Inkoop Uitvoeringscombinaties). We also use the Independent Public Bodies Purchasing Network (ZBO Inkoop Netwerk, ZIN). 

Social Return

We work with public money. We do our best to distribute it in ways that maximise its effect, both for our clients and for society in general. We therefore also try to provide job opportunities for people who are distanced from the labour market. This is called ‘social return’. We take this into consideration for tenders and procurement.

For new contracts, we ask suppliers to dedicate at least 5% of the value of the contract to social return. This subject has also been discussed with the suppliers we already work with. You can read more about this in our ‘Social Return’ handbook.

The knowledge and expertise of market participants are very important to us. This is why we test the feasibility of ideas and solutions in market consultations. If we are planning a tender, we exchange information about it first with other persons and organisations.

Our market consultations are announced on the TenderNed website. A market consultation can lay the foundation for a tender, but may not always lead to an actual contract.

Some contracts must be put out to tender at European level, depending on the estimated value of the contract. The relevant threshold amounts are adjusted every 2 years. All European tenders are announced on TenderNed.

When purchasing goods, works or services of a value below the applicable threshold, we are also often obliged to invite tenders. In these ‘multiple private tenders’, we usually invite 3 parties to submit a tender. We prefer to issue these tenders electronically, using the CTM Solution platform.

We are allowed to conclude contracts worth under €50,000 by direct agreement. This means that we can award the contract to a supplier without inviting tenders from other parties.

We have a complaints procedure. In the case of tenders, the procedure is enclosed with the tender documents.

If you have questions about purchasing at the SVB, send a message to