Fake emails, telephone calls, SMS texts or WhatsApp messages

Fraudsters or scammers sometimes pretend that they work for the SVB. They send you a fake e-mail, SMS text or Whatsapp message. Or they call you up and say they are from the SVB. They will try to get your log-in codes or other personal details. This is called phishing.

Things the SVB will never ask you to do

We will never ask you in an email, SMS or other social media message to log in or make a payment.

When will we call you or send you a message?

We are constantly trying to improve our client services. To do this, we work together with 4 different research agencies. They might send you an email, SMS, WhatsApp message or letter in connection with a research project, or they could call you by telephone.

We may also send you an SMS after you have spoken to 1 of our staff on the telephone.

We work with 4 independent research agencies. They find out for us what you think of our client services. They will ask you in advance whether you would like to take part in a research study. This could be by letter, phone call, SMS, WhatsApp message or email. You can choose whether or not to take part. If you decide to take part, your personal details will be handled securely.

Sometimes, you will receive an SMS text with a link to a questionnaire after you have spoken to 1 of our staff on the telephone. You will be asked to give your opinion of the phone call.

What to do if you receive a suspicious message or phone call

If you receive a telephone call or message from us and you do not trust the situation, please contact us as soon as possible.

Please forward the email to valse-email@svb.nl. We will check whether it is a 'phishing' email.

Take a screen shot or photo of the SMS or WhatsApp message, paste it into a new email and send it to valse-email@svb.nl. Please remember to send us the telephone number it came from too.

Call us afterwards to check whether it really was us you just spoke to. Or send a description of the phone call and the telephone number it came from to valse-email@svb.nl.