Algorithms and voluntary AOW and Anw insurance

If you become resident in another country, you will stop paying tax in the Netherlands. You will also stop building up AOW pension rights. However, you or your employer can continue paying into the AOW pension and Anw survivor benefit schemes on a voluntary basis. To do this, you will have to pay voluntary contributions. The amount of the contributions will depend on your income. Your contribution will be determined using an algorithm.

Algorithms help us to carry out our work effectively. They ensure that people receive no more or no less than they are entitled to.

The rules and legislation governing each of our pension and benefit schemes have been converted into a set of questions. The algorithms go through these questions and answer them in turn using the data we have in our files. This results in an automated calculation of the contribution to be paid.

Our algorithms are prescriptive. This means decisions are taken automatically. We check the algorithms and make any necessary improvements. They cannot do this themselves.

Our main sources of data are:

  • personal data from the Dutch municipal population registers and from our clients themselves
  • data on the situation and income of the client
  • our own insurance data