What is AOW pension?

The AOW pension is the Dutch basic state pension. If you have lived or worked in the Netherlands, you will probably have been insured under the AOW pension scheme. In that case, you can get an AOW pension when you reach your AOW pension age.  

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If you have always lived or worked in the Netherlands, you will get a full AOW pension at the rate applicable for you. The rate of your pension depends on your living situation, that is, whether you live alone or with someone else.

Your AOW pension age depends on your date of birth. You can find out your AOW pension age by using the calculation tool on this website.

AOW payments are sent out on or around the 23rd of the month. If this date is a weekend or national holiday, the payment is usually sent out earlier. The exact time the money is credited to your account will depend on your bank. If you have an account outside the Netherlands, it may take longer before you receive our payments in your account. This will depend, for example, on your bank or the country where you live.

The amount of your holiday allowance depends on your personal situation. You build up a fixed amount of holiday allowance every month. Holiday allowance is calculated on the basis of the holiday allowance payable with the minimum wage. If you log in to My SVB, you can see how much holiday allowance you will get.

If you live in the Netherlands, you will receive a letter from us about claiming your AOW pension about 4 months before you reach your AOW pension age. You cannot submit a claim before you receive our letter. If you live outside the Netherlands, you can apply for an AOW pension to the pension institution in your country of residence or the last country where you were covered by state pension insurance.

You can view your annual statements in My SVB. In January, your annual statement will be sent to your home address or your digital Message Box (‘Berichtenbox’). If you live outside the Netherlands, your annual statement will be sent later. If your partner also receives an AOW pension, your annual statements may arrive on different days.