Building up an AOW pension

Each year of insurance under the AOW scheme entitles you to 2% of a full AOW pension. You can build up your AOW pension in the 50-year period before you reach your AOW pension age. If you are insured under the AOW scheme, you will be required to pay AOW contributions on your income. 

You will get a full AOW pension if you have been insured for 50 years. 

You will not get an AOW pension if you were born on or after 1 January 1950 and you were insured under the AOW scheme for less than 1 year.

Building up an AOW pension: 2 examples

Example 1

Peter’s AOW pension age is 66. Peter can build up his AOW pension from his 16th to his 66th birthday. Peter has always lived and worked in the Netherlands, so he will get a full pension.

Example 2

Anna’s AOW pension age is 66 years and 8 months. Anna can build up her AOW pension from the age of 16 and 8 months to the age of 66 and 8 months. During this period, Anna spent 1 year in Spain. This means she has built up 2% less AOW pension. When she reaches her pension age, Anna will therefore get 98% of the full AOW pension amount.

Voluntary insurance if you are going to live or work outside the Netherlands

If you are going to live or work outside the Netherlands but you want to keep building up your AOW pension, you may be able to take out voluntary AOW insurance.