Annual statement

You can view your annual statement for 2022 in My SVB as from 2 January.

You live in the Netherlands

If you have a Message Box, you will receive your annual statement in your Message Box between 10 and 18 January 2023.

If you do not have a Message Box, we will send your annual statement to you between 12 January and 27 January 2023. You should receive your annual statement by 28 January 2023 at the latest. 

You live outside the Netherlands

We will send the annual statement for your AOW pension to your home address or your digital Message Box sometime in February.

Your partner’s annual statement

If your partner gets an AOW pension too, your annual statements may arrive on different days.

An annual statement for a person who has died

Annual statements are not available digitally. The annual statement and a letter concerning the deceased’s AOW pension will be sent to the surviving partner as soon as we have been informed of the death. If there is no surviving partner, we will send the annual statement to the last address we have for the deceased.