Reporting a change

You can report a change quickly and easily via My SVB. Log in with your DigiD with SMS verification or with the DigiD app.

If you have a valid EU login from another EU country and you live in Europe, you can use it to log in to My SVB.

Applying for a DigiD

If you do not have DigiD with SMS verification or the DigiD app yet, find out whether you can get SMS verification or the app at the same time as you apply for your DigiD.

If you cannot apply online

If you need help logging in, read our more detailed instructions on how to log in. If you prefer, you can also use a paper form to report a change.

Make sure to report changes on time

All changes that must be reported should be reported to us within 4 weeks (6 weeks if you live outside the Netherlands). 

If you have a new bank account number, do not close your old account until you have received the first payment in your new account.