If your partner dies

We understand there is a lot to arrange when a partner dies. There may also be financial consequences. If you are still under the AOW pension age and you meet the other conditions, you can get an Anw survivor benefit. It makes no difference whether you and your partner were married or living together. Read more about whether you can get an Anw survivor benefit.

When can you get an Anw survivor benefit?

You get an Anw survivor benefit if, on the day your partner died, you were:

  • caring for your own child or a stepchild or foster child. The child must be under 18 and living with you, or
  • at least 45% incapacitated for work

Some types of income are deducted from your Anw benefit. That is why we check to see what types of income you have. We also check whether you are living alone or with someone else.

Extra conditions concerning living or working outside the Netherlands

Choose the option that best describes your situation: