Claiming an Anw survivor benefit

Before you start, check what information you will need when making your claim. Then select the situation that applies to you. You can then read how to claim an Anw survivor benefit or orphan’s benefit.

Information you will need when making your claim

  1. Your income

    Make sure you have all your income details to hand.

  2. Uploading documents

    You may need to upload some documents. If you do not have the documents to hand, you can always upload them later or send them by post. You can upload documents together as long as the total upload volume is less than 3.5 MB.

  3. Your bank account number

    We will need your bank account number (IBAN). You can find this on your internet banking site, bank statements or bank card.

  4. If your partner lived outside the Netherlands

    If your late partner lived or worked outside the Netherlands, please give details and send documents that show this.

How to claim an Anw survivor benefit or orphan benefit

Choose the option that best describes your situation