What are the consequences of remigration?

If you move back to your country of birth with a remigration benefit, there are certain consequences for you.

If you remigrate, you cannot keep your Dutch nationality. This probably also has consequences for your children under the age of 16. For more information about your children’s nationality, contact your municipality (gemeente).

If you live outside the Netherlands, your AOW pension stops growing. This means that when you reach your AOW pension age, you will not get a full pension. To find out how much your AOW pension has grown so far, go to My SVB.

As a rule, everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands is automatically covered by the Dutch national insurance system. For example, you can get child benefit and your AOW pension keeps on growing. If you move back to your country of birth (remigrate), you stop being covered by the Dutch national insurance system.

In some situations, your medical costs will still be paid by the Netherlands. If your medical costs are not paid by the Netherlands, you must take out your own health insurance in the country where you live. We will give you an allowance to cover part of the cost.

You can get advice from the Netherlands Migration Institute (NMI)

If you want to return to your country of birth, the Netherlands Migration Institute (NMI) can help you and answer your questions. You can call the NMI on (030) 236 4245. You may be able to use your own language.