Paying contributions

Your employer has to deduct social insurance contributions from your wages or salary. The deductions are then paid to the social insurance organisation or the tax authorities in the country where you are insured.

You can only get a benefit or build up pension rights if your employer pays contributions for these in the right country.

  1. If you are insured in the Netherlands

    If the social security organisation in the country where you work asks you to pay social insurance contributions, you can use your A1 (certificate of coverage) to prove that you are paying contributions in the Netherlands. This means you do not have to pay social insurance contributions in the country where you work.

  2. If you are insured in another country

    If you are insured in a country other than the Netherlands but your employer is not paying social insurance contributions for you in that country, please contact us. We will try to make sure that social insurance contributions are paid on your earnings in the right country, including for previous years.