What is an A1 certificate?

If your employee is going to work outside the Netherlands temporarily, they will normally remain covered under the Dutch social insurance schemes.

You can prove this by means of an A1 certificate (certificate of coverage).

Only apply for employees working in EU, EEA or treaty countries

You can only apply for an A1 certificate if you or your employee is going to work temporarily in a country of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) or in a treaty country.

Make sure you apply for the certificate in time

You should apply for the certificate before you or your employee starts working in the other country. This will help you avoid administrative problems later.

Original certificates

The original certificate will always be sent to your employee. An A1 certificate/certificate of coverage can only be issued once.

Your employee can authorise you to represent them. In that case, you will receive the original A1 certificate.

List of approved A1 certificates

In Twinternet, you can create a PDF file listing all approved A1 certificates. Employers without a Twinternet account will receive a statement listing the details of the approved certificates by post.

When does an A1 certificate stop being valid?

An A1 certificate/certificate of coverage is valid for the period stated on the certificate, unless it is cancelled early.