Applying for an A1 certificate free of charge via TWinternet

You can easily apply for an A1 certificate (certificate of coverage) free of charge via TWinternet. There are companies that offer to apply for an A1 certificate for you, but they will ask you for money. That is not necessary. If you want an A1 certificate, always apply directly to us. 

Apply for an A1 certificate

Apply for an A1 certificate via Twinternet (you will need a Twinternet account and eHerkenning).

You can only apply for an A1 certificate via TWinternet if your company is based in the Netherlands.

If your company is based outside the Netherlands, you must fill in a paper application form.

Applying using a paper form

If you cannot apply via TWinternet, download and print the form. Fill in the form and send it to us by post.

  1. Exceptional situations

    Before you request an A1 certificate, check whether a special situation applies to your employee or your company.

  2. Authorisations for A1 certificate applications

    To apply for A1 certificates in TWinternet, you need eHerkenning. Employees who are authorised to apply for A1 certificates must also be authorised for eHerkenning. You can arrange this with an approved eHerkenning supplier.

    Managing authorisations yourself

    If you prefer, you can apply for and make changes to authorisations yourself using an online management tool provided by your eHerkenning supplier. You or the person responsible in your organisation can then decide who to authorise for TWinternet and arrange for this yourselves. You can find out more about this from your supplier.

    Authorising an intermediary

    You can also arrange with your eHerkenning supplier to authorise external parties such as intermediaries. This is called supply chain authorisation.

  3. Priority applications

    If you have not yet received an A1 certificate and your employee cannot start work as a result, the inspectorates in most countries will also accept a copy of your application for an A1 certificate.

    If a copy is not accepted, please contact us and we will see whether we can prioritise your application.

Before you can work with TWinternet, you will have to apply for an account. You can only do this if your company is based in the Netherlands.

To apply for an account, you will need:

  • your registration number with the Chamber of Commerce (KVK), and
  • your Trade Register branch number, and
  • your payroll tax number

You will receive an e-mail from us when your account is ready.

If you do not have eHerkenning (level EH3) yet

To log in to your TWinternet account, you need eHerkenning (level EH3). You can apply for eHerkenning to a government-approved supplier. These are the suppliers that meet the requirements set by the national government. No other suppliers are authorised to provide eHerkenning.

You can find a step-by-step explanation of how to apply for eHerkenning on the website at

If you have any questions about TWinternet, see our full list of FAQs.