Applying for an A1 certificate free of charge

It is easy to apply for an A1 certificate (certificate of coverage) online via TWinternet. There are far fewer questions to answer online than on the paper application form. And you will usually receive a response within a week. You can also follow the progress of your applications online.

Be careful how you apply for an A1 certificate

You can apply directly to us for an A1 certificate and it will not cost you anything. There are companies that offer to apply for an A1 certificate for you, but they will ask you for money. That is not necessary. If you want an A1 certificate, always apply directly to us.

Applying for an A1 certificate

Read about how to apply.

  1. Special situations

    Before you request an A1 certificate, check whether a special situation applies to your employee or your company.

  2. Applying via TWinternet

    You can apply for an A1 certificate via TWinternet if your company is based in the Netherlands.

    If your company is based outside the Netherlands, you can fill in a paper application form.

  3. Applying using a paper form

    If you cannot apply via TWinternet, download and print the form. Fill in the form and send it to us by post.

If you have appointed a representative, you and your representative can both use your user name and password. In that case, we will not need a separate authorisation.

If your representative is also acting on behalf of your employee, we will need a signed authorisation from your employee. Please send the authorisation by post, stating that it concerns a request for an A1 certificate. Remember also to state your employee’s BSN (Burgerservicenummer). You should do this at least 1 week before you apply for the A1 certificate so that we can process the information on time.

Please send a new authorisation with each new application.

If you do not yet have an A1 certificate and your employee cannot start work as a result, the inspectorates in most countries will also accept a copy of your application for an A1 certificate.

If a copy is not accepted, please contact us and we will see whether we can prioritise your application.