Your income up to your AOW pension age

Most types of income are paid up to the date a person reaches their AOW pension age. But this is not always the case. Choose your situation to see what will happen with your income.

If you have a permanent employment contract, your salary will be paid until you reach your AOW pension age.

You can decide yourself when to stop work. You can stop working when you reach your pension age, but you can also choose to stop earlier or later.

The following benefits will be paid until you reach your AOW age:

  • WAO incapacity benefit  
  • WIA incapacity benefit
  • income support 
  • Anw survivor benefit

Payment of a WW unemployment benefit or a ZW sickness benefit may stop before you reach your AOW pension age.

The date your early retirement benefit stops will be stated in your CAO (collective agreement). It is possible that your early retirement benefit will be reduced for a while or stopped altogether before the start of your AOW pension. 

If there is a temporary reduction in your income, you can apply for a bridging benefit (OBR).