Your health insurance

If you live outside the Netherlands, you could still be covered by the Dutch Health Insurance Act (Zvw). The CAK is the institution that decides this. If so, the CAK will ask us to deduct the Zvw contribution for non-residents from your Anw benefit.

More information on the Zvw contribution for non-residents

The Zvw contribution for non-residents consists of:

  • a contribution under the Long-term Care Act (Wlz). The amount of the contribution depends on the amount of your Anw benefit and the country where you live. The lower the average cost of healthcare in your country, the lower the contribution you will have to pay
  • a flat-rate contribution for every co-insured member of the family aged 18 and over

Applying for a healthcare benefit

You can sometimes get a healthcare benefit to cover part of the costs of the Zvw contribution for non-residents. The amount of healthcare benefit you can get, if any, will depend on your total income. To apply for a healthcare benefit, you should contact Dienst Toeslagen.

More information

You can find more information about your health insurance outside the Netherlands on the website