Receiving Anw benefits outside the Netherlands

If you receive an Anw benefit and you live outside the Netherlands, it may take longer before you receive your benefit payments in your bank account. This will depend on your bank and the country where you live.

Most payments are sent out on or around the 1st and 15th of the month. We usually pay Anw benefits in euros. But sometimes we pay the benefits in the currency of the receiving country.

Costs for paying Anw pension outside the Netherlands

We transfer your Anw benefit in euros to our intermediary bank. They pay the amount into your account. Depending on the country where you live, a fee of up to €0.48 may be charged for each payment.

You may have to pay extra costs to your own bank. The amount you have to pay depends on your bank. We have no control over this.

Quarterly or annual payment of Anw benefit

If your monthly Anw benefit is only a small amount, having to pay costs every month can be a problem. If so, you can choose to receive your Anw benefit per quarter or per year. Please contact us about this.

It is not possible for us to pay your Anw benefit in a one-off lump-sum payment.

See exchange rates

Below is a list of exchange rates used by our banks. There are two payment dates each month:

  • at the beginning of the month
  • halfway through the month

If you receive your Anw benefit around the 28th of the month, for example, you should check the list for payments sent on the 15th of the month

If the country where you live is not in the list, it means we pay your Anw benefit in euros

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