Deductions from your Anw benefit if you live outside the Netherlands

Tax and/or national insurance contributions and a contribution for healthcare costs can be deducted from your Anw benefit. This will depend on the country you live in.

‘Loonheffing’ consists of tax and contributions for the national insurance schemes.

The health insurance contribution is called the ‘Zvw contribution for non-residents’ and consists of a contribution under the Dutch Health Insurance Act (Zvw) and the Long-term Care Act (Wlz) as well as a fixed contribution.

More information on the Zvw contribution for non-residents

If you live in a country that is a member of the EU (European Union), EEA (European Economic Area), or in a treaty country or in Switzerland, you can get medical care in that country paid by the Netherlands.

For this, you have to pay a ‘Zvw contribution for non-residents’. This contribution is deducted from your Anw benefit. The CAK is the organisation that decides whether you have to pay a Zvw contribution for non-residents.

This contribution may consist of up to three components:

  • a Zvw contribution (Zvw = Dutch Health Insurance Act)
  • a Wlz contribution (Wlz = Long-term Care Act)
  • a fixed contribution for each co-insured family member aged 18 or above. The amount of this contribution differs per country, depending on the average cost of healthcare in the country where you live.