A simple introduction to the SVB pension and benefit schemes

This page contains a simple explanation of the pension/benefit schemes and other information. 

Choose a topic and read a short step-by-step explanation. 

AIO supplement

A short explanation about income support for people of AOW pension age (AIO supplement).

Anw survivor benefit

More information about Anw survivor benefit if your partner or ex-partner has passed away. Or if a child has lost both parents.

Anw survivor benefit

Read more about Anw survivor benefit if you have other income.

AOW pension

Read a short explanation about AOW pension.

AOW pension

See when and how to claim your AOW pension.

AOW pension

Read about the deductions to AOW pension depending on whether you live in or outside the Netherlands.

Child benefit

More information about child benefit and how it changes as a child gets older.

Child benefit

In some cases, child benefit is paid at twice the basic rate. Read more about these special situations.


You can manage your affairs online in My SVB. Read how to log in to My SVB.

Bridging benefit (OBR)

A short explanation about bridging benefit and the conditions for receiving it.

Voluntary insurance

Read about the voluntary insurance scheme and the conditions for taking part in it.

The Long-term Care Act (the Wlz scheme)

A short explanation about the Wlz scheme.