AOW pension in brief

Most people who live or work in the Netherlands can get an AOW pension. AOW is the Dutch basic state pension.

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When will you receive your AOW pension?

You can get your AOW pension when you reach your AOW pension age.

Your AOW pension age depends on your date of birth.

How much AOW pension will you get?

The amount of AOW pension you can get depends on:

  • whether you live alone or with another adult, and
  • how many years you lived/have lived or worked in the Netherlands

If you only lived and worked in the Netherlands, you will be entitled to a 100% AOW pension.

In the following situations, you can get the maximum AOW amount including tax credit:

  • You live on your own: €1,226.60 net
  • You are married or you share a house with another adult: €838.55 net

Living or working outside the Netherlands

If you have lived or worked for a period outside the Netherlands, you will have built up fewer AOW pension rights. This means you will get a smaller AOW pension.

Your pension will be reduced by 2% for each year you were not living or working in the Netherlands.

You do not get a full AOW pension

You may have built up rights to another pension besides your AOW pension. For example, through your employer or your own private pension insurance.

If you do not have any other pension besides your AOW, and you cannot get a full AOW pension, you may be able to get a supplement (AIO supplement) on top of your AOW pension.

Claiming an AOW pension

How to claim your AOW pension depends on the country where you live.

How to claim your AOW pension if you live in the Netherlands

You will receive a letter about 4 months before you reach your AOW pension age. The letter will explain how to claim your AOW pension.

It is easy to claim your AOW pension online. Do you want to know more? 

Claiming an AOW pension if you live outside the Netherlands

You can claim your AOW pension about 6 months before you reach your AOW pension age.

There are different ways to submit a claim, depending on the country where you live. Normally, you can start by contacting the pension institution in your home country.