Child benefit in brief

Child benefit is a payment to help you with the cost of caring for a child.

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Which children can you get child benefit for?

You can get child benefit for:

  • your own child
  • your partner’s or your ex-partner’s child
  • a foster child
  • a child you care for as if it was your own child

Child benefit amounts as your child gets older

As a child gets older, the amount of child benefit changes twice. There is also a change in the rules. 

What will change depends on your child’s age.

You have a new child

Your child benefit will be €279.49 per quarter. Child benefit is always paid after the end of the quarter concerned.


  • If your child was born on 20 June,
  • you will get child benefit starting from the 3rd quarter (1 July), 
  • but you will not receive the first payment until the beginning of October.

Your child is aged 3 or over and needs extensive care

If your child needs extensive care because of severe illness or disability, you may qualify for child benefit at twice the basic rate. 

This is possible if your child:

  • is 3 or over
  • lives at home
  • has been given a positive opinion from the Care Needs Assessment Centre (CIZ)

When your child turns 6

The child benefit amount goes up. 

You will get €339.38 per quarter.

When your child turns 12

The child benefit amount will go up for the last time. 

You will get €399.27 per quarter.

When your child turns 16

We will check whether your child is in full-time education. This must also lead to a school leaving qualification such as a diploma equal to at least Dutch havo, vwo or mbo level 2.

You can get child benefit if your child:

  • is studying to obtain a school leaving qualification
  • already has a school leaving qualification
  • is not in full-time education because of illness or disability (your child has an exemption)

When your child turns 18

Your child benefit will stop.

But your child may be able to get:

  • student finance from the Dutch Education Service (DUO)
  • a school study allowance from DUO
  • healthcare benefit from the Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax and Customs Administration)

How to claim child benefit

Child benefit is usually paid automatically, but sometimes you have to submit a claim. This will depend on your situation.

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