Voluntary insurance for your family

If you take out voluntary insurance, this will not automatically cover your partner and children as well. Your partner needs to take out voluntary insurance for him or herself. Whether you can take out voluntary insurance for your children depends on how old they are.

Voluntary insurance for your children

If you return to the Netherlands with your family, you can take out voluntary AOW insurance for your children if they:

  • left the Netherlands before the start date of the 50-year period and returned to the Netherlands after that date.
  • were born after you left the Netherlands and came to the Netherlands after the start of the 50-year period.

The 50-year period is the period of 50 years before a person’s AOW pension age.

If your child was aged between 15 and 17 when you left the Netherlands, different rules apply. Contact us about this before your child reaches the age of 18.