Logging in with DigiD

With your DigiD, you can prove who you are when you log in to My SVB. You can log in with: 

  • your DigiD username and password with additional SMS verification 
  • the DigiD app

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Select your situation and read how to apply for a DigiD. Add SMS verification immediately. You can then also activate the DigiD app.

The easiest way to log in safely is by using the DigiD app. Follow the 3 steps.

  1. Download the app. You will need a mobile device with iOS version 10 or higher, or Android version 6.0 or higher. 
  2. Activate the app. You can do this by means of an ID check, an SMS code or a letter.  
  3. Use the app to log in to My SVB

You can log in in 2 steps: 

  1. with your DigiD username and password 
  2. with an SMS message on your telephone 

How to add SMS verification via the DigiD app or the DigiD website: 

  • Log in to My DigiD 
  • Select activate SMS verification 
  • Select ‘via the DigiD app’ or ‘by letter’ 
  • Enter your telephone number 
  • You will receive an SMS text message or a spoken SMS with a code.
  • Enter the SMS code

You can activate SMS verification immediately in the DigiD app. If you chose ‘by letter’, you will receive your activation code by post within 3 days.

If you have DigiD with SMS verification, you can log in with SMS verification or by using the DigiD app.  

If you do not have SMS verification, you will not be able to add it to your current DigiD. However, you can apply for a new DigiD with SMS verification. This will also allow you to activate the DigiD app. 

You can manage more and more of your affairs online, including your affairs with the SVB. This often involves personal or privacy-sensitive information. Whether you want to claim an AOW pension or simply report a change, protection of your personal data remains paramount. The Dutch government ensures that login procedures are secure, to protect your information. 

The easiest way to log in securely is by using the DigiD app. Alternatively, you can log in by entering a username and password and an SMS code. In either case, you will need to have a smartphone. If you need help managing your affairs or if someone else needs your help, you can use ‘DigiD Machtigen’ (DigiD Authorisation).

‘DigiD Machtigen’ allows you to authorise a person of your choice to manage your affairs online at My SVB. You must never give your personal login details to anyone. The person you authorise must have a DigiD themselves and use their DigiD to log in to My SVB.