Logging in with a valid EU Login

If you live in a European country and you have a Dutch Burgerservicenummer (BSN), you can also log in to My SVB with a valid EU Login. The EU-approved login for the Netherlands is the DigiD.

How to get a BSN

Everyone who is registered in the Dutch Personal Records Database (‘BRP register’) has a BSN. 

If you live outside the Netherlands but still need to deal with Dutch government institutions, you also need a BSN. 

How to get a BSN depends on your situation: 

  • If you have never lived in the Netherlands, you can register with the Register of Non-Residents (RNI). You will then be issued a BSN
  • If you left the Netherlands after 30 September 1994, you will already be registered in the RNI. You may find your BSN on old letters or documents. Or you can check with a municipality with an RNI service desk
  • If you left the Netherlands before 1 October 1994, you will only have a BSN if you pay tax in the Netherlands. If not, you can register with the RNI to get a BSN