What is an A1 certificate?

An A1 certificate (certificate of coverage) shows that you will continue to be covered by social insurance in the Netherlands if you are going to work outside the Netherlands temporarily. 

You can only get this certificate if you are going to work in a country of the EU (European Union), the EEA (European Economic Area) or in a treaty country. An A1 certificate will only be issued once. It is therefore important to keep it safe.

Applying for an A1 certificate

Before you start, read the following tips:

  1. Apply in advance

    You should apply for the certificate before you start working outside the Netherlands. This will save you from administrative problems later.

    If you work for an employer, the employer can apply for the certificate for you.

  2. Not permitted to work without a certificate

    In some countries, you will not be permitted to start work for certain companies if you do not have an A1 certificate. If you are not sure whether you need a certificate, please contact us.

  3. Avoid a fine

    If you start working outside the Netherlands and you do not have an A1 certificate, you may get a fine from the labour inspectorate in the country where you work.

  4. When does the certificate stop being valid?

    An A1 certificate will stop being valid when you return to work in the Netherlands. 

    The certificate will also stop being valid if you have been sent to work in a company outside the Netherlands, and that company sends you to work in a different (third) company.

  5. The Message Box is faster

    If you are an employer or a self-employed person, we can send your A1 certificate to your Message Box. That is often faster than by post.