FAQs about claiming child benefit

The first time you register the birth of a child with your municipality (gemeente), we will let you know within 4 weeks how to claim child benefit. 

If you have another child, and you have registered the birth with the ‘gemeente’, you will start receiving child benefit for that child automatically.  

If you do not live in the Netherlands, of if you are divorced, see Frequently asked questions (FAQs).

Once you have registered the birth of your child with your municipality (gemeente), we will send a letter to the address where the child is registered as living within 4 weeks. If you haven’t received a letter after 4 weeks, answer a few questions and read what you can do.

If you live in a member country of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA) or in a treaty country, you can normally get Dutch child benefit if you work in the Netherlands. 

Child benefit is paid to the parent with whom the child is living. If you were the parent whose name was on our letters before you got divorced, and your child has been living with you since your divorce, nothing will change. However, if your child starts living with the other parent (that is, if the child spends at least 4 nights a week with the other parent), you should let us know.

You and the other parent can decide together who will receive the child benefit. If you have both signed a written agreement to that effect, or if a court has ruled on the division of the child benefit, we will act according to the agreement or the ruling. If there is no agreement or ruling, you will automatically get half of the benefit each.

Yes, that is possible for children aged 3 to 17. If your child needs extensive care because of illness or disability, you can apply to us for child benefit at twice the basic rate to help cover the extra costs. We ask the Care Needs Assessment Centre (CIZ) to give us their medical opinion. The CIZ will send you a form for this. They will then assess the extent of your child’s care needs. We will send you a decision on your claim for child benefit at twice the basic rate within 8 weeks of the date of your claim.

Yes, that is possible, for example for children who live away from home because of illness or disability or for educational reasons. It depends on what kind of education it is, and how much you contribute financially to your child’s support. There are also other conditions you will have to meet.