The changes you need to report if you live in the Netherlands

You must report the following changes to us within 6 weeks:

  • You are moving to a different address
  • You are moving to a different address together with your partner
  • You are moving to another country
  • You and your partner are moving to another country
  • Either you or your partner is moving to another country while the other will continue to live at the current address

  • You no longer live at the same address as your partner
  • You and your partner have been living together but you are not married. You are now going to separate
  • You have been living on your own and are now going to start living with someone
  • You are going to stay at another address temporarily (no more than 6 months)
  • You and your partner separate
  • You and your partner had separated but your partner starts living with you again
  • You are separated from your partner and you start living with someone else
  • You take in a lodger or a tenant

  • Your partner dies (you should enclose a copy of the death certificate)
  • You get married
  • You enter into a registered partnership
  • You get divorced
  • You are no longer in a registered partnership
  • You separate from your spouse or partner
  • You enter into a cohabitation agreement
  • Your nationality changes
  • Your partner's nationality changes

If you receive AOW supplementary allowance, the amount you receive will depend on your and your partner’s income.

  • Your partner’s income goes up or down
  • Your partner has a new source of income
  • Your partner no longer has income
  • Your and your partner’s joint income drops below €2,976.07 gross per month
  • Your and your partner’s joint income was less than €2,976.07 gross per month but has gone up to more than that amount

You do not have to report small yearly or half-yearly increases in a pension or benefit.

  • You go to prison, a detention centre or a closed treatment facility
  • You are ordered to go to prison, a detention centre or a closed treatment facility, but you refuse to go

If an AOW pensioner dies, you should report the death directly to us within 6 weeks, even if the death occurred in the Netherlands. 

The sooner we know, the sooner we can prevent any overpayments. We will then send a letter to the deceased’s heirs to inform them about what happens next.