Receiving your AOW pension outside the Netherlands

If your AOW pension is paid into an account outside the Netherlands, it may take longer before you receive your benefit payments in your bank account. This will depend on your bank and the country concerned.

Most payments are sent out on or around the 24th of the month. We usually pay AOW pensions in euros. But sometimes we pay the pensions in the currency of the receiving country.

If you and your partner use the same account outside the Netherlands, your payments will be added together and paid as a single amount.

You can view the payment dates for your AOW pension in My SVB. You can also see how much you will get.

We remit your AOW pension in euros to Citibank. Citibank then transfers the money to your bank. The transfer costs can be up to €0.48 per payment, depending on the country where you live.

You may have to pay extra costs to your own bank. The amount you have to pay depends on your bank. We have no control over this.

If you lived or worked for a short time in the Netherlands and you only have a small AOW pension, you can avoid paying too much in bank charges by asking us to pay your AOW pension once every 3 months or once a year. If you wish to do this, please contact us.

AOW pensions cannot be paid out in a lump sum. That means that you cannot choose to take all your AOW pension in a single payment.

If you live in Australia, Canada, the UK, Morocco, New Zealand, the United States or South Africa, we will pay your pension in the currency of the country where you live (not in euros). The net pension amounts may differ slightly from month to month because of fluctuations in the exchange rate.

See the exchange rates for Australia, Canada, the UK, Morocco, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa. 

If you live in another country, your AOW pension will be paid in euros.

If you have asked us to pay your AOW pension into a new account, we recommend that you do not close your old account until you have received our first payment in your new account.