What is deducted from your Anw survivor benefit?

Tax and/or national insurance contributions (‘loonheffing’) and a Zvw health insurance contribution are deducted from your Anw benefit. The remaining amount is the net amount of your Anw benefit. The net amount is the amount you receive in your account.

If you live outside the Netherlands, how much is deducted from your Anw benefit will also depend on the country where you live. 

More information on tax and/or national insurance contributions (loonheffing) and the Zvw contribution

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‘Loonheffing’ consists of tax and national insurance contributions for the following Dutch social insurance schemes: AOW pension, Anw survivor benefit and Wlz long-term care. You do not have to pay contributions on all of your income. The amount you do not have to pay is called the ‘loonheffingskorting’ (tax credit).

Tax credit

The tax credit means that you pay less tax and contributions. The net amount you receive is therefore higher. If you have more than 1 income from work, choose which income you would like us to apply the tax credit to. You can only get the tax credit on 1 of your incomes.

If you want to change the tax credit

In My SVB, you can see whether the tax credit is applied to your Anw benefit. If you would like to change this, you can do this in My SVB. NB: remember to change the tax credit status for your other income as from the same month.

We deduct the Zvw contribution from your Anw benefit. In addition, you will have to pay another health insurance contribution directly to your health insurer. The amount you have to pay will depend on the type of health insurance.

Healthcare benefit from Dienst Toeslagen

You may qualify for a healthcare allowance from Dienst Toeslagen. This is an amount towards the costs of your health insurance. Whether you can get a healthcare allowance will depend on your income.