Holiday allowance

Your Anw holiday allowance is paid in May. The exact amount is shown in My SVB as from 1 May, under ‘betaaloverzicht’ (statement of payments).

You build up holiday allowance from May to April every year. Over this 12-month period, your holiday allowance grows by a small amount every month. If your Anw benefit starts later than May, you will get less holiday allowance for that year.


You started receiving an Anw benefit in August 2020. You will build up holiday allowance for 9 months from August 2020 to April 2021. You will receive your first payment of holiday allowance in May 2021. This is holiday allowance for a 9-month period. Starting from May 2021, you will build up holiday allowance for a 12-month period every year.

If you work for an employer, the holiday allowance will be 8% of your gross annual wage. This is different for your Anw benefit. Your holiday allowance is based on the Dutch minimum wage. If you want more information about how we calculate the holiday allowance, please contact us.minimum wage