AIO amounts

AIO amounts as from January 1, 2024

The amount of your AIO supplement depends on your income, such as your AOW pension, wages or salary, or any benefits you receive. It also depends on your situation: whether you live alone or with a partner, or with another adult aged 27 or above (a co-resident). The maximum net amounts are shown in the table below.

Maximum net amounts per month
Your situation Amount Holiday allowance Total
You live on your own (you do not share a household with another adult) €1,354.47 €71.29 €1,425.76
You live with your partner €1,835.70 €96.62 €1,932.32
You have a partner who does not receive an AIO supplement €917.85 €48.31 €966.16
You do not have a partner and you live in a nursing home €426.08 €22.43 €448.51
Your partner is in a nursing home €426.08 €22.43 €448.51
You and your partner are in a nursing home €690.94 €36.37 €727.31
The holiday allowance for your AIO supplement will be paid in May together with the holiday allowance for your AOW pension.

Important to know

  • If you have a partner, the amount shown in the table is the total amount that you can get together
  • You will receive your AIO supplement together with your AOW pension
  • Tax and/or national insurance contributions and a Zvw health insurance contribution will be deducted from your AIO supplement