Our history

Photo by Cor van Weele / MAI

The pension and benefits system in the Netherlands is nearly 125 years old. And so is the Sociale Verzekeringsbank, although we were originally called the ‘Rijksverzekeringsbank’. Founded in 1901, the Rijksverzekeringsbank was the first organisation to implement social insurance schemes. Over the years, the SVB has kept pace with developments in the Dutch social security system. The history of the SVB is marked by a number of milestones.

Milestones of the social insurance system

  • 1901 Industrial Injuries Insurance Act (OW)
  • 1913 Invalidity Act (IW)
  • 1919 Old Age Pensions Act 1919 / Voluntary Old Age Pension Insurance (VOV)
  • 1930 Sickness Benefits Act
  • 1941 Child Benefits Act
  • 1947 Emergency Old Age Pensions Act
  • 1957 National Old Age Pensions Act (AOW)
  • 1959 National Widows’ and Orphans’ Pensions Act (AWW)
  • 1963 National Child Benefits Act (AKW)
  • 1963 Child Benefits Act for Salaried Employees (KWL)
  • 1963 Child Benefits Act for Self-Employed Persons (KKZ)
  • 1980 New National Child Benefits Act
  • 1996 National Survivor Benefits Act (Anw)