Conference future-proof social security from an international perspective

The world we live and work in today is constantly changing. The aim of social security is to provide a guaranteed income for anyone who needs it. Social security systems around the world tend to focus primarily on how and where people live, and how much they work and earn. A person can live in Amsterdam, work two days a week from home for a French employer based in Brussels, while running their own online retail company. Where is this person actually working?

In order to ensure that our public services are future-proof, the SVB has asked the European Institute of Social Security with the KU Leuven to carry out extensive research into the most promising perspectives and potential main challenges for social security in the future. The objective is to provide insights, increase knowledge and understanding, and set out practical ways to keep the implementation of social security doable and achieve a future-proof system for all. The findings of this research, including useful insights from implementing practice, will be presented at a final conference.

Conference preview

During the conference, we will be looking at possible challenges for social security such as the increase in labour mobility and migration, the impact of digitalisation on how social security schemes are implemented, the relationship between policy and fundamental rights, and the coordination of social security systems. How will these challenges affect our day-to-day work and how should we deal with them? Should social security schemes be standardised? How can service providers work better together, including across borders?


When: Thursday February 29th 2024 
Where: Museum Beeld en Geluid, Zeestraat 82, 2518 AD The Hague
Timeline: 9 am - 5 pm
Language: Mainly English 

It is also possible to follow a part of the conference online. Please join us for our discussion. There are limited places available and registration is on a first come, first served basis. You can register here. In case of any questions, please send an e-mail to: