Accountability & publications

We explain publicly what we do and how we do it. This is called accountability. We provide information about our goals, results and financial affairs. 

We let all our clients (government departments and the general public) see what we do. It is important to us that we communicate in the right way, and we regularly check with our clients to see how our communication can be improved. 

As an organisation, we are happy to explain how we have carried out our work. We do this in an abbreviated annual report, available online. You can read about how we have worked to improve our services, what we have achieved and where we have worked together with other organisations. 

As well as the abbreviated annual report, we also publish the statutory (SUWI) annual report. This is a more detailed annual report required under the Act on Implementation Structure for Work and Income (SUWI).

The SVB believes that organisational integrity is essential to maintaining public trust. How we achieve this for our staff and for our clients is explained in Verantwoording integriteit 2020 (Integrity and accountability 2020; only in Dutch). 

Every 4 months (3 times a year), the SVB sends an accountability report to the Ministry on the subject of finance and the annual plan.

The SVB implements a variety of different social insurance schemes. As a result, we gain a lot of important information about what is happening in society. We publish this new knowledge as quickly as possible each year in 4 quarterly reports.

Demographic trends

Quarterly reports also give insight into demographic trends and the effects of changes in legislation Each quarterly report provides important information on:

  • AOW old-age pension
  • Anw survivor benefit
  • child benefit
  • Remigration benefit
  • Compensation scheme for asbestos victims


Each of the quarterly reports has a particular theme and focusses on a prevailing matter of interest in politics or society in general.

How to receive our quarterly reports

If you wish, you can receive one of our quarterly reports for 2023 by sending an email to

The SVB Policy Rules are rules that have grown out of the practical work of the SVB. You can read all of our policy rules online.

We regularly commission research on a variety of subjects.

Under this Act, you can ask us to provide information about how we work and our general aims. You can do this by submitting a Woo request.