What counts as income?

The contribution for voluntary insurance depends on your total income from the Netherlands and abroad. Below, you can read about what does or does not count as income.

Income includes:

  • wages or salary
  • earnings from work without a contract
  • income from own enterprise
  • benefits, for instance an Anw survivor benefit, a WAO incapacity benefit, an annuity or an early retirement benefit
  • If you are a home owner: the notional rental value of your house. This is a fixed amount based on the value of your house. Any mortgage interest you pay for your house is deducted from this amount.

The following can be deducted from your income:

  • social insurance contributions withheld from your wages
  • annuity premiums
  • contributions for insurance against illness, incapacity for work or accidents
  • donations to churches or charities
  • maintenance you pay to your former partner
  • certain medical expenses

You can only deduct these costs up to a certain maximum amount. The rules for this are more or less the same as for your tax return.

Please note: you cannot deduct the voluntary insurance contribution from your income.