What does the SVB do in relation to the Wlz insurance scheme?

Our job is only to assess whether or not someone is insured under the Long-term Care scheme (Wlz scheme). We do not implement the Wlz scheme itself. That is done by the regional care administration offices (zorgkantoren). They make sure that everyone gets the care they need.

Other aspects of the Wlz scheme

If you want to know more about other aspects of the Wlz scheme, select what you are interested in and read more.

If you need constant care and attention, please contact the Care Needs Assessment Centre (CIZ). They will assess your care needs and give you a Wlz care indication.

If you have a personal care budget (PGB) and you would like to buy Wlz care, see the PGB website for more information.

Everyone with an income pays into the Wlz scheme. Together, we ensure that the Wlz scheme is properly funded. If you are earning, your employer will deduct Wlz contributions from your gross wages or salary and pay these to the Belastingdienst. If you receive a benefit, the social security organisation concerned will deduct Wlz contributions from your benefit.

If you are receiving care that is covered by Wlz insurance, such as going to a day centre, you will pay a fixed part of the costs yourself. This is called the Wlz personal contribution. The amount of the Wlz personal contribution is set by the CAK.