The difference between the Wlz long-term care scheme and the Zvw health insurance scheme

If you are insured under the Long-term Care Act (Wlz), you are also insured under the Dutch Health Insurance Act (Zvw).

Everyone who is insured under the Dutch national health insurance scheme (Zvw scheme) must take out basic health insurance with a Dutch insurer. Your basic health insurance will cover you for the costs of medical care. 

You can choose which health insurer you prefer. It can be any one of the companies on the list of Dutch health insurers. 

Payment of health insurance contributions (Zvw) and long-term care contributions (Wlz)

If you are insured under the Wlz scheme, you will pay Wlz contributions. You will also be paying Zvw health insurance contributions. But you are not paying the same thing twice. These are 2 different types of insurance. The Wlz contribution is for long-term care, for example if you have to go into a care institution. The Zvw health insurance contribution is for basic health care and medicines, which includes short-term care.