Claiming a remigration benefit

You will need to send us certain documents when you claim a remigration benefit. For example, copies of your passport and the passports of the persons who are leaving with you. In some cases, you need to send other documents as well. This depends on your situation.

Claiming a remigration benefit in 4 steps

  1. Step 1 Apply for a DigiD before you leave

    Apply for a DigiD before you leave the Netherlands, as this may not be possible after you have left. Your DigiD will allow you to handle your affairs with the SVB quickly and easily online via My SVB. For example, you can report changes online, or upload documents instead of having to send them by post.

  2. Step 2 Fill in the claim form

    Download and print the claim form. Or telephone us on +31 (0)71 512 9040, and we will send you a claim form by post.

    If you need help filling in the claim form, you can contact the Netherlands Migration Institute (NMI). They will help you free of charge.

  3. Step 3 Enclose the extra documents we need

    You must enclose certain documents with your claim form. For example, you must always send us a copy of your passport as well as copies of the passports of the persons who are leaving with you.
    For a list of the documents you need to send, go to ‘See what other documents you need to send’.
  4. Step 4 Send the claim form to us

    Send the claim form to:

    Sociale Verzekeringsbank
    Postbus 18603
    3501 CR Utrecht The Netherlands

Receiving SVB letters electronically

Create a Message Box at MijnOverheid. The Message Box is your online personal letterbox, where you can receive and save electronic letters from us and other Dutch government institutions. You need a DigiD to create a Message Box at