Frequently Asked Questions about My SVB.

See the FAQs below. Choose a question and read the answer. 

All your messages sent via My SVB in the last 6 months are shown under ‘Statusoverzicht’ (Status report). You can also see whether we have started or finished processing your message.

If you need it, you can also get confirmation that you have informed us of a change. When you report a change, you will first see an overview of what you have filled in. If the information on the overview is correct, you can send the change. You can then choose to save or print the overview.

Yes, you can. Make a screenshot of the page and save it as a word processing file. Read how to do it below.

Using a Windows PC

View the page full-screen (not in a small window). Keeping the Alt key pressed down, press the PrintScreen key. Then open Word or a similar program and paste the screenshot by keeping the Ctrl key pressed down and then pressing the 'V' key. 

Using a Mac

View the page full-screen (not in a small window). Keeping the Command (Cmd or ⌘) and Shift keys pressed down, press the ‘3’ key. Then open Word or a similar program and paste the screenshot by keeping the Command key pressed down and then pressing the 'V' key.

Using a tablet or smartphone

You can make a screenshot using a combination of keys. The exact combination will depend on which tablet or smartphone you use. The screenshot is usually saved in the picture file or photo gallery.

You can upload and send us up to 20 documents via My SVB. Together, the documents must not be more than 8 MB. They must also be in JPG, JPEG or PDF format.

If you want to upload documents, you will need to have  Javascript installed in your web browser. You probably already have this. If not, your browser will ask to install it.

My SVB works best with the most recent version of a browser. To make sure you are using the most recent version, set your computer, tablet or telephone so that it can receive automatic updates. 

Problems and errors

Choose what you want to know more about:

If you stay in the same screen for 15 minutes without clicking on ‘back’, ‘next’, ‘upload’ or ‘send’, you will automatically be logged out. The details you have filled in will not be saved automatically.

If you have a lot to say, you can type it first in a separate document and upload it when you are finished. 

To change your bank account number in My SVB, you must log in one of the following ways:

  • with the DigiD app 
  • using your DigiD with SMS verification
  • with a valid EU Login

If the change concerns child benefit, only the person whose name is on our letters can report the change. 

For more information, see ‘Changing your bank account details online via My SVB’.

If there is a technical problem, there will be a message on our website. If there is no message, go to the page ‘Will My SVB work on my computer, tablet or telephone?’. 

If you have a problem with your DigiD, go to the DigiD website.

You can find more information on DigiD on the DigiD website.

There are several possible reasons for this: 

  • We already have an AOW pension claim from you. If you want to add more information to your claim, you can do this by clicking on ‘Vraag of mededeling’ 
  • You waited too long before sending your claim via My SVB. You must do this within 3 months of receiving our letter. If you send your claim later, you will have to use a paper claim form. 
  • You logged in with your partner’s DigiD by mistake. You can only log in with your own personal DigiD

If you still have a problem, you can contact your SVB office.

Security on My SVB

With your DigiD, you can prove who you are if you want to arrange something over the internet with a government institution or an educational or healthcare establishment, for example. You must never give your personal code and login details to anyone else. If you want someone else to arrange your affairs for you, you can authorise that person. 

Information is sent to us via a secure connection. You can tell that the connection is secure by the padlock icon in your internet browser. If you click on the padlock, you will see from the certificate that the connection is secure. This means that your information cannot be intercepted or viewed by other people.

Always remember to log out. Click on ‘Uitloggen’ (log out). If you forget to do this and someone else uses the computer, tablet or smartphone after you, (if you are in a public library, for example), they could also view or change your personal information.