Receive our letters electronically in your Message Box (‘Berichtenbox’)

Your Message Box at MijnOverheid is your personal, digital message box. Here, you will receive messages from organisations such as the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst), the RDW, the UWV and your local municipality, as well as from us. If you wish, you can save or print these messages. 

If there is a new message in your Message Box, you will be alerted by email.

If you live outside the Netherlands but you have Dutch nationality, you can also use a Message Box.

If you want to receive our post electronically

You can arrange for this by activating your personal Message Box (‘Berichtenbox’) at MijnOverheid.

  1. Go to the MijnOverheid website. 
  2. Select 'Activeren'  
  3. Log in with your DigiD and enter the requested details.

Some of our letters can only be sent by regular post.

Not all letters and forms can be sent to your Message Box. Some letters are sent by post.