Message Box: your online personal letter box for letters from Dutch government organisations or authorities

The Message Box (Berichtenbox) is your personal letter box at MijnOverheid. Here, you can view your details and receive letters from Dutch government organisations online. For example, letters about: 

  • tax returns 
  • Child benefit
  • renewing your passport

As well as the SVB, the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst), the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW) and the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) will send their letters to your Message Box. More and more municipal authorities are doing this too. This means that all the correspondence sent to you by government organisations is together in one place. You can find anything you need whenever you need it. 

You will no longer have to keep files full of papers. If you want to print a letter or save it on your own computer, you will need a PDF reader.  

If you would like to receive an automatic email when there is a new letter or message in your Message Box, turn on email notifications. This means you will not have to keep checking your Message Box.

Activating your account is easy. You can still do this if you live outside the Netherlands. You can log in using your DigiD or another valid EU login.

Complete the following steps to activate your account:

  1. Log in to ‘MijnOverheid
  2. Click ‘Start activatie’ 
  3. Fill in your details and your email address
  4. Fill in the code you have received by email
  5. Select the organisations whose letters you want to receive digitally, for example the SVB
  6. Click ‘Opslaan’ 

Help with applying for a DigiD or activating your account

If you do not understand how to apply for a DigiD or you are unable to activate your account, watch the video or go to the DigiD website.

If you are already using your Message Box, but you are not receiving any letters from us, check whether you have ticked ‘SVB’ in the list of the organisations you want to receive correspondence from. You can log in to your Message Box with your DigiD or another valid EU login. 

Complete the following steps: 

  1. Log in to ‘MijnOverheid
  2. Go to ‘Berichtenbox
  3. Select ‘Instellingen’
  4. Tick ‘SVB’ under ‘Organisaties Berichtenbox

From now on, you will receive your correspondence online. We will only send letters and forms to you by post if we cannot send them to your Message Box.

See which letters and forms are only sent by post

The following letters are sent by post:

  • PGB letters and forms 
  • Confirmation after you have informed us of a change of address
  • Letters to a client’s heirs about the end of a pension or benefit 
  • Letters to clients who have been placed under administration/guardianship 
  • Letters concerning review or appeal cases in which the client is represented by someone else 
  • Letters to third parties, for example, the client's representative or creditor
  • Reminder letters about claiming an AOW pension
  • ‘Investigation into domestic situation’ forms 
  • Income details forms

Download the Message Box app

If you use the Message Box, you can download the Message Box app (Berichtenbox) from MijnOverheid. You will find the app in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You can then read your correspondence on your mobile telephone or tablet. You will also receive a message when there is something new in your Message Box.