Statement showing how much pension you can get

If you have lived or worked in the Netherlands, you may have built up rights to an AOW pension or a company pension. Perhaps you worked in Belgium or Germany and have accrued rights to a pension there as well. 

Each country has its own system and rules for pensions. Select a country to read more about the pension system and rules for that country:

The Belgian state pension is called ‘rustpensioen’. 

If you or your employer has taken out insurance under a supplementary pension scheme, you will have accrued an additional pension with a financial institution.

You can view your pension status via the website Before you can use, you need to have a digital key.

The German state pension is called 'Altersrente’. You can request a statement of your accrued entitlement to ‘Altersrente’ from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DRV). If you have a German social security number (Versicherungsnummer) you can request a pension statement by filling in the service form on the DRV website. On the form, you should select the option Rentenauskunft/Versicherungsverlauf.

If you do not have a ‘Versicherungsnummer’ or you are not able to apply for a pension statement by using the service form from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, you can call your regional DRV on:

DRV Westfalen: +49 251 23 80 or 
DRV Bund Berlin: +49 308 65 0 or
DRV Knappschaft Bahn-See: +49 234 30 40 

If your employer has taken out insurance for you under a supplementary pension scheme, you will build up an additional pension with a financial institution. In Germany, this pension is called ‘Betriebliche Altersvorsorge’. For information about this type of pension, you can contact the financial institution concerned.

The Dutch state pension is the ‘AOW pension’. You can apply to the SVB for an AOW pension statement showing the periods of AOW pension insurance you have built up so far. 

If you have other pensions in the Netherlands and you want to how much you can expect to get with these pensions, you can find out more at

You can read all about building up an AOW pension in our information leaflets. If you still have questions after you have read the leaflets, please call us.