Situations that affect the amount of AOW pension you can receive

A change in your personal situation may affect your AOW pension. See what could change in the following situations.

If you start living with another person, or a third person moves in, or if you start living on your own, your AOW pension is likely to change.

The amount of your AOW pension can change if you move to a new address as follows:

  • You are going to live outside the Netherlands
  • You have been living outside the Netherlands and you move back to the Netherlands
  • You live outside the Netherlands and you move to another country

If you are married or in a registered partnership and your partner has been admitted to a nursing home for an indefinite period, you will continue to receive a pension at the rate for a person living with a partner. You can also opt to receive the higher rate for a person living on their own. Receiving a higher pension sounds attractive, but in some cases there may be some unforeseen negative consequences.

Your AOW pension will stop after you have been in prison, a detention centre or a closed treatment facility for a month. After your release, your AOW pension will be paid again if you send us your release certificate.

If you have been sentenced to community service or involuntary treatment in a nursing home, psychiatric hospital (not a closed treatment facility) or other care institution, your AOW pension will continue to be paid.

If someone who was receiving an AOW pension dies, their entitlement to pension stops on the day after the date of death. If you want to know what to do now, or where to find the deceased’s annual AOW pension statement, click on the link below.