What we look for on the internet

We search the internet for public information about people or companies. In this way, we can check whether a person is following the rules and receiving the correct amount in AOW pension or other benefit.

Situations we check on the internet

Sometimes we receive indications that a person may be breaking the rules. These can come to our attention in various ways. For example, we may find different information in different databases or someone may report a suspicion to us. We will then carry out an internet search to see whether a further investigation is necessary.

If we think that someone is not following the rules, we will investigate further. We will only do this if it is really necessary, for example to find out whether the amount they receive is correct. We always record the reason for our internet research in our files.

The personal data we look for on the internet

Internet searches may focus on the following:

  • Identity details such as name, place of residence or date of birth
  • housemates or other people living at the same address as you
  • home address
  • income details
  • possessions

We collect these details in order to be sure that you are receiving the amount that you are entitled to.

Additional research

We never base a decision on an internet search alone. We always do further research, which can help us verify the information we found on the internet.

When will you be informed?

After we have finished our investigation and taken a decision, we will let you know the result. If you disagree with our decision, you can always submit a request for review.