House calls

If we are informed that your living situation has changed, we may pay you a house call, even if you live outside the Netherlands. We sometimes also carry out random checks to see if our information is still correct. In that case, we make a random selection of homes to visit. If our officers visit you at home, they will always identify themselves.

What happens during a house call?

Our officers will always ask you for permission to enter your home. They will then go through a questionnaire with you. In some cases, our inspectors may wish to inspect your house. In that case, they will ask for your permission to do so.

What happens if you do not let the SVB officers into your house?

If our officers call at your home at an inconvenient time, they will ask if they can visit you at another time. If you would rather they did not, this will not have any direct consequences for your pension or benefit, but we may carry out further investigations. You will also be invited to visit the SVB office to explain your living situation.

How will you know that the people making the house call are from the SVB?

If officers from the SVB visit you at home, you can tell that they are actually from the SVB in the following ways: 

  • You will always be visited by two SVB officers 
  • Our officers never visit clients at the weekend, and very rarely in the evening
  • You should always ask to see proof of identification. If the persons at your door do not want to show proof of identification, or say that they have forgotten it, do not let them in 
  • If you do not trust the visitors, ask them to wait outside and phone your SVB office to verify that someone has been sent to visit you.