Checks outside the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, local authorities send us information about changes in a person’s personal situation, for example, a birth, marriage, divorce or death. We do not receive this information for people who live outside the Netherlands. That is why you must inform us of these and other changes yourself.

The life certificate form

If you are living permanently or temporarily outside the Netherlands, you may receive a life certificate form from us every year, depending on the country where you live. You must make sure that this form is filled in, signed and stamped by a ‘competent authority’, for example, your local authorities or a notary public.

Living situation

If you live alone, we will send you a form with questions about your living situation once every 3 years. This is important because your AOW pension, remigration benefit or your entitlement to Anw survivor benefit can change if you start living with another adult.

If you start living with another adult at the same address, you must let us know immediately so that we can adjust the amount you receive each month. You are obliged to report any changes in your situation to us within 6 weeks (so don’t wait until you receive the standard question form!).