Client research by the SVB

A research agency has sent you an invitation

We work with 4 independent research agencies. They find out for us what you think of our client services. If they invite you to take part in a research study, you are free to choose whether to do so. We would certainly appreciate it if you could give us your opinion.

Why do we carry out client research?

We are constantly trying to improve our client services. The best way to find out what we still need to do is by asking our clients what they think.

How we do our client research

We get our information from:

  • surveys
  • online communities
  • individual interviews

You can be invited to take part in a research study by:

  • letter
  • telephone
  • SMS
  • email
  • a WhatsApp message

The agencies that carry out our research

We work with 4 different research agencies:

  • MWM2
  • Perspective
  • I&O Research
  • Motivaction

Your personal details are secure

Participation in our research is always anonymous. We guarantee that your personal details will be secure. We do this in line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).