When will you receive your remigration benefit?

After we decide you can get remigration benefit, there are some other things you need to do before we can start paying your benefit.

  1. Letter and departure card

    We will send you a letter stating that you will get a remigration benefit. With this letter, you will also receive a departure card

  2. Moving within 6 months

    You must move within 6 months after the date stated in the letter.

  3. Deregistering from your municipality

    You must contact your municipality (gemeente) and tell them that you are leaving the Netherlands. You must also do this for any family members that are leaving with you
  4. Complete and return the departure card

    On the departure card, fill in the date of your departure from the Netherlands and send the card to us

  5. When will you get the money?

    We will pay your remigration benefit after your municipality (gemeente) informs us that you have left the Netherlands. You will receive your benefit in your bank account in your new country

If you no longer have a departure card

If you do not have a departure card anymore, you can ask us for a new card