What are ‘costs of support’?

If your child lives away from home, we will check how much you contribute to your child’s support. This is called ‘costs of support’. If you contribute at least €512 per quarter, you can get Dutch child benefit.

If the costs you pay for your child are higher, you may be able to get child benefit at twice the basic rate.

What are ‘costs of support’?

Costs of support include costs for:

  • clothing and footwear
  • holidays
  • transport for visits to or by your child
  • insurance
  • school fees
  • birthdays
  • pocket money
  • sports clubs
  • maintenance, alimony, child support

If you and your child do not live in the same country

In that case, you have to send us original documents as proof of these costs. This is also necessary if you have transferred money to the account of your child or the person who is caring for the child.