SVB Client Council

The Client Council of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank (SVB) is made up of SVB clients and representatives of relevant interest groups, and provides the board of directors with suggestions and advice both on its own initiative and on request. For example, it can advise on whether the rules for clients are clear enough, or whether the information we give is getting through to the right people.

As a discussion partner for the Board of Directors, the Client Council helps to improve the quality of our services, for example by making suggestions and passing on client reactions and complaints. The Client Council meets 4 to 6 times a year. There are also a number of working groups with varying participants that meet during the year to prepare recommendations.

It is not the task of the Client Council to provide assistance or mediation in the case of complaints. If you have a complaint: 

Members of the Client Council:

C. (Chris) W.F.M. Driessen, chair

My name is Chris Driessen and I have been chair of the SVB Client Council (KAR) since 1 July 2020. I am now retired and receiving an AOW pension. My partner and I have two children and four grandchildren and we live in Houten. I enjoy sport and am passionate about music and culture.

Having worked in the management of large organisations, I have seen first-hand how a client council can be a real source of added value.

Millions of people come into contact with the SVB and their input and advice can help improve the organisation’s services. I look forward to representing SVB client interests independently and critically. As chair of the KAR, it is my job to ensure that everything keeps running smoothly.

Lennard Goudriaan, Member

My name is Lennard Goudriaan and I work for a municipal government as an adviser on subsidies. I also serve as a municipal councillor for Albrandswaard.

It is important for society as a whole that social insurance schemes are communicated well and carried out with the best service possible. The KAR plays an essential role here by letting the SVB know what its clients think.

I have always wanted to work for the public good and as a member of the KAR, I can put my knowledge and experience of the social insurance schemes, and the personal budget scheme in particular, to good use. This can be my contribution to ensure good client services and communication at the SVB.

Maarten Hanssen, Member

My name is Maarten Hanssen. My partner and I have two daughters. I love music, sport and doing DIY. I also read a lot.

I work as a consultant for IT in healthcare, looking for new ways of using data to improve processes.

The SVB has very many clients and the KAR ensures their visibility within the SVB. The SVB wants to serve its clients as well as it can. We try to help by showing them the best way to do this.

My main tasks are to check whether written explanations are clear, and whether things are not being done unnecessarily. I also ask questions about client data protection.

Ton Heinen, Member

I am Ton Heinen. I am married and live in Amsterdam Zuidoost. I represent the National Christian Trade Union Federation (CNV) in the KAR.

During the 35 years or more that I worked in finance, I took an active role in employee and client participation. I did this within my own work as well as for various voluntary organisations.

I think service provision should be monitored and improvements made where possible. I can encourage this by playing a constructive part in meetings and discussions on important issues.

H.J.F.M. Kas (1952), Member on behalf of the senior citizens organisation ‘Unie KBO en PCOB’

My name is Hennie Kas and I represent the KAR on the AOW pension committee. I was born in Amsterdam and now live in Uithoorn. I am married, with two sons, a daughter and three grandchildren, two girls and a boy.

I worked for the SVB for more than 40 years in positions varying from caseworker to head of the Translation Department to Director of one of the regional offices. Now that I am receiving an AOW pension, I am also a client of the SVB. My task in the KAR is to represent the senior citizens associations KBO/PCOB.

The KAR supports client interests by pointing out problems in client services and seeing how SVB policy and products work in practice. In this way, the KAR can help the SVB to improve its services still further.

I will try to pick up as many positive and negative signals as possible from older SVB clients, whose interests I represent. I will also use my past experience at the SVB wherever I can.

Jacqueline van Langeraad-Goes, Member

I am Jacqueline van Langeraad-Goes and I am married with three sons. I am a client of the SVB because I currently receive child benefit. In my work as a union representative for the teachers union UNIENFTO/FvOv and the professional workers’ union CMHF, I focus mainly on pension issues and take part in discussions on social economic policy for working people and pensioners. I am interested in the SVB because it is the organisation that pays the Dutch state pension.

Unfortunately, not everything I hear from my client group is positive. It is good that the SVB management has a discussion partner who can interpret the signs and help think of ways to improve services.

I would like to work in the interests of all the SVB’s clients. And for that, clear and accessible communication is essential.

Freddy May (1945), Member on behalf of the Network of Organisations for Elderly Migrants

I am Freddy May, born in Surinam and living in Capelle aan den IJssel since 1969. I am married with two children.

I came to the Netherlands to study business economics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, but I switched course and graduated as a business sociologist because people are more important to me than numbers.

The KAR is an advisory body that prioritises the interests of clients and is therefore important to the SVB. My primary role in the KAR is to watch out for older migrants who are often in a vulnerable position.

I am someone who strives for connections and a more evenly balanced and caring society. The SVB is there for everyone, young and old, no matter where they have come from.

Ms E.C. van der Meer-Matthijsse, Member

I am Liesbeth van der Meer and I work as a homecare nurse in a sheltered housing community for elderly people who can still live independently. I am also involved as general secretary in the parent-initiated housing project where my eldest daughter lives.

I have two daughters who both receive a personal care budget (PGB), one under the Long-term Care Act (Wlz), and the other under the Social Support Act (Wmo). We also used the TOG scheme in the past.

I think it is important to ensure the continued existence of the PGB scheme so that people can keep as much control as possible over the care they receive. The KAR can bring the interests of PGB recipients and other client groups to the attention of the SVB board.

As the PGB client representative in the KAR, I will work to ensure that the PGB scheme continues to operate safely and fairly, and that the KAR, as a body, remains proactive.

Ms A.M.J. Pelzer (1953), Member on behalf of the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV)

My name is Ans Pelzer. My main goal throughout my career was to work with the most vulnerable in society to represent their interests. I am now a socially-engaged pensioner as well as a committed trade unionist, and am currently working on journalism projects as well as for the Food Bank and the KAR.

I used to work as a policy advisor and executive director for the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation (FNV), dealing with issues such as social security, the working poor, the position of women in the labour market and client participation. I also worked for a number of years on the board of a municipal council.

It is essential for a large organisation like the SVB that its clients have a voice. With the best will in the world, things will still go wrong, and it is the role of the KAR to ask uncomfortable questions when necessary.

My task will be to look after the interests of AIO and PGB recipients in particular. You can usually pick up signals just by listening, and if there are any problems, I will make sure they are heard.

Ms S.J. Querido (1982), Member

My name is Sophie Querido and I am mother to three children. I have a PhD in healthcare management from the University of Utrecht. I get child benefit from the SVB. The payments come in automatically and there's never been a problem.

In the KAR, I hope to discuss issues and make suggestions from the perspective of parents with children under 18. I think the SVB should keep the design and operation of its schemes as simple as possible, so that parents don't have to worry about this.

I want to help improve the Dutch social insurance schemes that provide for financial support. I can do this by giving, and volunteering, advice on relevant issues that have an impact on parents.

Ms A. Smits (1976), Member

I am Anique Smits. I am married and now work in the legal profession, having retrained from a career in journalism.

The SVB wants to put its clients first. If it is to achieve this, it must represent as wide a range of clients as possible.

I will look at issues from the point of view of the child benefit scheme by keeping my eyes and ears open and following trends and developments in that area.